The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

I don’t really think I have a way with words when it comes to talking to people, especially when I play the ‘honest card’. I use to tell people like it was… not taking their feelings into consideration. I was blunt, real blunt. However, since Christ has changed my heart… I speak in love. Trust me, there are times I feel like saying more, but I don’t. I’m learning to not overstep my boundaries I guess you could say.

Sometimes I get in the ‘heat of the moment’ and just blurt it all out even if I think I’ve thought about it for ‘long enough’. What is long enough? Some people say it’s a few hours, others say it’s a day. Hm… but what about when I’m right? And I have a good point to make? Not that I’m nit-picking, but what if this person is doing something they shouldn’t? What if this person is a brother or sister in Christ? Why are we so scared to LOVINGLY tell people what they are doing is wrong? Holding each other accountable just seems so non-existent. I WISH someone told me like it was. If I am being a hypocrite in my faith, then tell me. I ask God to do it all the time, maybe He can use you to get the message across… ahem.

It’s so easy to get offended when you try to talk to someone and they completely blow you off or treat you differently after you’ve talked to them about something serious. I think this especially goes for teenagers. If you want to make them mad, give them sound advice. Give them Biblical advice. When you’re a teenager you want to do things your way and feel right about it. You hate discipline. Admit it. Maybe that’s why some people don’t take God seriously until they get older. Until they’re ready to face their convictions.

I’ll be 23-years-old in July and even though I’m still considerably young, God has poured so much wisdom into me. I don’t care about certain things like I use to. It’s less about me and more about Him. I don’t care as much about what people think of me anymore and trust me… I’ve had a lot of people not like me. It doesn’t make a difference to me though because I’ve had more people like me than hate me. Joyce Meyer says that 90% of people will like us and the other 10% won’t. When you compare the two, which one is greater? That’s the one that matters the most. Everyone is a critic.

God made me the way I am for a reason, so if I’m honest… that’s okay. I embrace the fact that I am confident in who I am, in who He is, and the choices I make. I don’t need to hide behind any lies. If you don’t like me for it, well, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you! Haha :].

I really need to go to bed… O_o 1:38AM. Never clean late at night, it makes you write crazy blogs like this one LOL.

XxX Ashley!

Correct before you conceal!

I have always struggled with under-eye circles, even from an early age because in my case, it’s hereditary. My mom has them and my grandma had them. There are creams out there that claim to erase those dark circles, but they are expensive and the cheaper creams that I have tried do not do anything. Looking good doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money, it’s being resourceful and having the knowledge to fix your beauty dilemmas.

I didn’t know there was a difference between correctors and concealers till just recently and it has been life-changing to the way I do my makeup now. Concealers are aimed at hiding any blemishes, discoloration (sun spots, hyper-pigmentation, etc.), acne, and to brighten up the underneath of your eyes… but what about dark circles? Concealers aren’t enough, they will typically make your under eyes look washed out or gray and that ain’t pretty!

If you have slight and I mean slight discoloration, concealer will usually be enough on its own to hide anything you’re trying to conceal. But what about the girls like me who have blue, green, or purple under-eye circles? Or what about the girls who suffer from red under-eye circles? We need to correct these nuisance colors before we can conceal and brighten up our eyes! Here are some pictures to demonstrate what cream colored products you will need if your under eye circles fall under these categories:







I’m going to focus on the more common type of under circle and that’s the range that I fall into, blue-green. If you shop at any drugstore you’ll easily find the green and yellow correctors. But what about the salmon, peach, or orange colored ones? Bobbi Brown and Eve Pearl  are two expensive makeup lines that make fabulous correcters, but they are priced at $22.00 to $32.00. YIKES!

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil: Almond

Price: $4.49

Where to buy? NYX ; Ulta

I have a less expensive alternative and guess what? It’s not labeled as a correcter, it’s a NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil! Yeah ladies, that’s right! The color Almond is the perfect peach that color corrects, so say good bye to your under-eye circles .

How to use – After putting on your foundation, apply the pencil gently and directly underneath your eye. Wherever there’s discoloration, apply that pencil girl! Take your ring finger (since it has the least amount of pressure) and pat the product until it is blended out. Never rub your corrector or concealer because you want the product to be concentrated in that area, thus having more coverage. That’s what we’re after right? After applying the pencil, use your favorite concealer. I recommend using a concealer slightly lighter than your foundation because you want  the underneath of your eyes to be bright. How do you think Kim Kardashian gets that amazing glow and lifted cheek bone effect?

As always, I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below and follow!

Face washing for the lazy girl!

If you’re anything like me then you will agree that wearing makeup all day can make your face feel dirty and weighed down. All too often though we are too tired and lazy to take our makeup off, thus causing breakouts and clogged pores. Of course a majority of girls won’t admit to this, but hey… I will! Noxzema is a brand that seems almost n0n-existent to the beauty world, but I’ve been using this facial cleanser ever since I was a tween. Soaps are too harsh and getting out your daily soapy face wash is just… too much work haha. Well, I’ve got a solution for you that will make your face feel amazing and it will only take 30 seconds of your time. Good bye dirt, oil, and makeup!

Noxzema the Original Deep Cleansing Cream 

Price: $4.79

Where to buy? Drugstores

I’ve never been a big fan of makeup cloths, even the expensive kind.  This is a dermatologist tested cream that has eucalyptus oil in it and that’s where the refreshing feeling comes from. I love how cold and tingly it makes my face feel, it feels CLEAAAAN! Not all moist and dirty. Feeling is believing haha. Some people don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, but I think it has a clean lemon-like smell.

How to use: I like to wet a wash cloth with warm water, wring out the cloth, then dig the cloth into the cream with my index finger. I only do this once with a good amount of product so I’m not ‘double dipping’ my germs back into it. From there I rub the cream in circular motions until my face feels and looks clean. I love using wash clothes because it almost feels like I’m exfoliating my face. It’s soft yet harsh enough to scrub and get into the pores of my face. When I’m done rubbing in the cream, I fold the cloth over to a clean side and just wipe off the excess. This is not drying to your skin whatsoever, so if you leave a tiny film or layer of this product on your face, it’s not going to harm you. It’s almost like wearing an overnight mask.


Feel free to leave me any comments on your face washing short cuts! If you’re not following me yet, in a non-creeperish way, do ittt :)!

Adios my lovelies!


Ways to save and sample!

This blog is going to be short and sweet, because hey… we all like it when people get to the point, right?


Click here for her blog

Some women or men dedicate their lives to helping people save money and this lady is faithful in updating her blog on free samples, money-saving coupons, etc. I’m typically after all of the beauty items, but if something is free… hey! I guess I’ll request some random cat food for my cats LOL! I’m sure there are other blogs out there similar to this, but this is what I found. Your best bet is checking these type of blogs early in the day, most giveaways are only for a specific amount of the first few people to enter. For example “The first 100,000“.



Like pages!!! This is your gateway into entering contests, getting free samples, and sometimes getting coupons. Sites that are known for having a lot of contests are: BH Cosmetics, Baghaus, Urban Decay, Target, and Smashbox.



Okay, here’s why I like to shop online:

  1. Free samples
  2. Codes for EXTRA free samples (Ulta and Sephora are absolute dolls for having this)
  3. is a great website for getting those extra codes the sites don’t tell you about :)! Do your research and it will pay off!
This is the harder one to do because you’re most likely going to a face a lady behind a counter who thinks she knows it all about makeup and won’t stop hovering your shoulder until you buy something. However, if you’re wanting to try out free samples of foundation, perfume, eyeshadow, primer, etc. they will usually give you a little pot of it to try out. They shouldn’t give you an attitude, but if they do, make sure you point out that you’re not going to pay $50 for a product you have no idea about. If they want to make a profit, they’re going to give you that sample.


Hautelook – You need to fill out a simple registration (name, e-mail, etc.) so you can be ‘special’ to view their deals. They have some really awesome events, last week they just had one on Urban Decay products… so keep your eye on the brands they’re discounting.

BeFlurt – They have everything from Nars, Mac, and NYX products that go on sale. I’ve seen MAC shadows that were originally $15.00 drop down to $11.00, it’s not that big of a difference… BUT hey, it adds up! You can justify yourself on spending a lot on a single eyeshadow haha.



Spending a ton of money on makeup makes me cringe, I almost cried when I spent $25 on a Lorac blush. I splurged though since it was my birthday :).

Make sure you always look at the sale or clearance section, it’s the best way to try out makeup. Urban Decay is the best for their clearance section by far. I spent $29 on the Book of Shadows IV when it was originally $64.



If you have a smart phone and an app. market, you’ll most likely find the Coupon App. This is a great little go-to when you’re looking for the cheapest gas prices in your area, links to free samples, birthday freebies, and store sales (ex. Bath and Body Works).

To find out more about it:



Ulta and Sephora are the best places to shop for makeup because you can accumulate points and get freebies.

Sephora goes by a points system, so when you spend $1 at Sephora that equals one point. Get 100 points and you can get a deluxe sample of a high-end product. The rewards prizes are always changing, so if you don’t like what they’re giving away that month, just save your points. They also have 300 points and 500 points rewards as well (they’re obviously the nicer bigger better items).

Don’t forget to stop by your local Sephora or shop online for your birthday, they’ll give you a free gift.

Ulta’s points perks is something I’m trying to figure out, but they’re good for sending coupons if you’re a regular shopper. Also, I just received their magazine (which is free) today in the mail and since I spent X amount of money there, I qualify for a certain level of rewards. I got level 3, so I can pick from the Ulta products… I’m going for their gel liner :)!

I suggest buying from Ulta over a drugstore because not only do you reap the reward perks, you  can also catch amazing buy 1 get one 1/2 off deals or buy 2 get 1 free. Plus they have a larger selection of makeup (drugstore and high-end). You get the best of both worlds.

I hope you guys found this blog useful and that it saves you some money. Good luck with the samples! Comment, subscribe, or share :)!


I guess things aren’t bad in and of itself, but they’re not necessarily good for you either. It all goes back to 1 Corinthians 10:23 “You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is beneficial.” So just because you can watch that reality tv show, read those make-believe fantasies, listen to that music, go to that friend’s house, have a girl’s night out, or whatever… does not mean it’s good for you.

I had to question my heart earlier as to why I get so annoyed with people not being on my same level of thinking. Facebook is just one of those things in particular that ‘gets my goat’ because people are now going through this phase of liking pictures. “Like this picture if you know who this is”. I’ve seen these pictures about deformed ‘cute couples’ and we like these pictures to what… pity these people?! Act like we have a good heart because we’re not judging them for what they look like? If you quote something from a popular movie, you’ll get instant likes. When you post something about Christ, well… good luck even getting anyone to read it!

I’ve been sharing a lot of Way of the Master (an Evangelical ministry) videos and just sharing things from Scripture or my heart and it seems as if no one cares. Not that it’s about me, but why don’t they like more important things like God?! Or why do their statuses consist of it being all about them and what they’re up to… and not about God? I feel like Christianity  today is so surface-level, even within the church… people who call themselves ‘Christian’. I know everything I’m feeling can shift towards the dangerous side of self-righteousness, but I don’t think it’s heading that way. I’m acknowledging how I feel and I’m praying about it.

I just feel like I’m at that point of Philippians 3:8 with God… “Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ.” Seriously… I don’t see the point or value in most things anymore, I know that sounds depressing, but I think it’s just a matter of seeing where my priorities are. I’m in no way judging anyone because I know that I was the same way a few years ago before I took my walk with God seriously.

Deep down, I feel alone sometimes with my emotions. Proverbs 14:10, “Each heart knows its own bitterness and no one can share in its joy.” If you’re anything like me or just a female for that matter, you’re going to know how this feels. Your heart feels something, intense, and you want to share that with… anyone, anyone who will just GET what you’re saying. But then you just get frustrated when you try to seek that person or expect others to befriend you and your feelings. There’s just no point in expecting anything from anyone, your heart is your heart. It’s yours for a reason and only God can know where your heart stands. And guess what? That’s okay. I know we want people to relate to us because it’s almost as if sharing in that burden of whatever it is that’s pressing our heart… I know it makes you feel even more lonely, but I think we forget to look at how beautiful our situation really is. We don’t even realize just how intimate this is, that only God can know our heart. I mean really know.

The next time you find yourself teetering over the edge of self-pity, just remember that you’re not alone. I know how you feel and more importantly, so does God. We can share an intimacy with Him that no one will ever be able to have or even know about :)!

L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner VS. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil


I don’t know about you, but I find it super exciting when I can find a drugstore product dupe (something that can be substituted for something else) compared to a high-end product. When you can save a buck, why not do it?! Who cares about brand names when you can have more cash in your pocket at the end of the day? I think any woman can appreciate that!

I know I just did a blog on eyeliners, but this lovely liner right here is going to have to be added to the list and that’s the L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Carbon Black. I’ll do a blog on updated products that I love maybe once a year if not sooner (depending on how many products I fall in and out of love with LOL!)

L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner 

Price: $8.49

Where to buy: Ulta ; any drugstore

This comes in 4 colors: Carbon Black, Black, Gray, and Brown. I have mine in the color Carbon Black and oh my goodness is this extremely pigmented! It’s the blackest eyeliner I’ve ever seen. It glides on just as good as the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner if not better and that’s no joke! The staying power is awesome too, I’ve had mine on since 2PM this afternoon and it’s 8PM now and it is still perfectly in place. The only place it’s wearing off is the outer corner of my lower waterline is (which is no big deal). There’s no such thing as a perfect eyeliner, but this baby comes close!! My eyes have been watering crazy like all day… so it’s holding up phenomenally in my opinion.


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil

Price: $19.00

Where to buy: Urban Decay ; Ulta ; Sephora ; Macy’s

This eyeliner comes in 24 different colors and I have mine in the color Zero which is a soft matte black. Perversion from UD, however, is the dupe I’m comparing the L’Oreal eyeliner to. It is supposed to be a dark deep intense black as well. This is a great eyeliner, but the price…? Really? I’m saving $11 with the drugstore brand and I’m NOT trading the quality either.

I’m going to give you the ‘technical’ pros and cons about each product and you can decide for yourself which buy would be best for you.

L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner 

PROS: Color intensity ; easy to glide on (even over eyeshadows) ; long wearing ; great price ; drys fast

CONS: Not a large color selection ; drys fast – this is here again because some girls actually like to smudge out their eyeliner… you can with this product, you just need to work with it fast


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil

PROS: Large color selection ; easy to glide on… hence the name lol (even over eyeshadows) ; long wearing ; doesn’t dry fast, which is perfect for a great smudged liner look

CONS: Pricey ; doesn’t dry fast – again, this is here because some people would like their eyeliners to set quickly because they prefer a more clean look… and not smudgy


Well, take your pick! I hope this blog has helped anyone who has been considering buying either or product. I hope you’re all having a blessed evening and feel free to comment, subscribe, and share this post!

Bye my lovelies,

Ashley ❤

MRI results

Stress can be ugly, real ugly. When you’re constantly going through one thing after another… you feel like you just can’t hold on anymore. You can be strong some days and other days you feel like you’ve completely lost it. It’s just amazing how our emotions go from one extreme to another.

Does God answer prayers? Yeah, He does. They’re never unanswered. The answer is either: yes, no, maybe, or not now. After hearing “no” or “not now” for some time I finally have relief! God I praise you father for keeping me in your care this entire time, I know it’s so easy to praise You when things are good… but I’ve learnt to praise You in the bad… and praising You will never stop!

My test results from the MRI came back good, I do have small pimple sized cysts, but they’re not cancerous and I do not need surgery. My doctor thinks the cysts are there because I haven’t had a normal menstrual cycle and that’s because of my thyroids being out of whack. Ever since I’ve been on my thyroid medicine I’ve been having cramps, so I hope that’s a good sign!!!

I feel SO much relief, but I know it’s not entirely over yet because she wants me to see a gyno soon and get a second opinion from her. Since I’m only 22 and she wants me to be healthy to have a baby one day, she’s getting me thoroughly tested to see if there’s any medicine that can make these little annoying suckers go away.

I’ve wanted to cry ever since hearing this news, tears do fill my eyes… but not enough to weep. I think I’m just drained. I think I’m learning to not be lead so much by my emotions or what I’m told. I cannot find complete rest ANYMORE in what people or tests tell me. I can only find that in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has been my sanity from the start of all of this and He will be to the end. I can’t thank Him enough for having His precious hands over me. Oh how I LOVE you God!!! Okay… now the water works are starting :)! But they’re good! God is the only one who can break my heart in a good way.

I appreciate any prayers that were said for me, I know they were heard. I’m praying for anyone, any precious girl out there who is dealing with the same thing but had bad results… my heart just goes out to you more than you know. There may not be any rest  in what the doctors tell you, but oh man… can God rock your heart!!! ❤

God bless you my lovelies!

– Ashley 🙂

PS: Relief can be beautiful, real beautiful.