Keeping to myself + small rant.

As we ring in the new year, I find myself being quiet – keeping to myself, not wanting to talk to anyone or be bothered. Maybe it’s just a season in my life? Let’s go with that. For all I know it could be a really short season and end next week, but right now… all I know is that it feels strong. Most of the time when people clam up, it usually means there’s an issue they’re not wanting to discuss – but I don’t find myself in that situation. Instead, I just feel short of words and conversation.

If I’m not careful, that can easily creep over into my walk with God and I’ve already seen glimmers of that manifestation already. For example, the time I have spent reading my Bible has been half-hearted, you know, just to get it over with. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer to do something out of obedience than to not do it at all. Even though I’m not out of the loop, I still feel that discouragement, like why even try if my heart isn’t into it. That’s the one of the biggest lies from Satan right there though – to lean on our feelings. We are so quick to let our flesh lead us instead of the Holy Spirit. I know people right now who are not walking with the Lord because the battle they were facing became “too hard”. God never promises easy, He just promises Himself.

For those that actually STILL keep up with this blog, I apologize that I don’t post regularly. If there’s any topics you’d like me to discuss either related to God or makeup, I’d be glad to hear your suggestions. Speaking of makeup, for those who keep up with the beauty gurus on YouTube – is it getting old for you too? It seems like everyone copies each other, been there done that, same old same old. There’s even a certain lingo they all have when referring to looks or trends that just gets old – why don’t they just teach beauty that doesn’t suggest we have to highlight like a drag queen to look like “Kim K” or to look like someone else. I’d like to look like me if that’s okay -haha. I honestly think it just pressures girls to wear excess makeup they don’t need, like the 90 steps to contouring.

Well I’ll leave this blog at that, thanks for reading :)!