MRI results

Stress can be ugly, real ugly. When you’re constantly going through one thing after another… you feel like you just can’t hold on anymore. You can be strong some days and other days you feel like you’ve completely lost it. It’s just amazing how our emotions go from one extreme to another.

Does God answer prayers? Yeah, He does. They’re never unanswered. The answer is either: yes, no, maybe, or not now. After hearing “no” or “not now” for some time I finally have relief! God I praise you father for keeping me in your care this entire time, I know it’s so easy to praise You when things are good… but I’ve learnt to praise You in the bad… and praising You will never stop!

My test results from the MRI came back good, I do have small pimple sized cysts, but they’re not cancerous and I do not need surgery. My doctor thinks the cysts are there because I haven’t had a normal menstrual cycle and that’s because of my thyroids being out of whack. Ever since I’ve been on my thyroid medicine I’ve been having cramps, so I hope that’s a good sign!!!

I feel SO much relief, but I know it’s not entirely over yet because she wants me to see a gyno soon and get a second opinion from her. Since I’m only 22 and she wants me to be healthy to have a baby one day, she’s getting me thoroughly tested to see if there’s any medicine that can make these little annoying suckers go away.

I’ve wanted to cry ever since hearing this news, tears do fill my eyes… but not enough to weep. I think I’m just drained. I think I’m learning to not be lead so much by my emotions or what I’m told. I cannot find complete rest ANYMORE in what people or tests tell me. I can only find that in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has been my sanity from the start of all of this and He will be to the end. I can’t thank Him enough for having His precious hands over me. Oh how I LOVE you God!!! Okay… now the water works are starting :)! But they’re good! God is the only one who can break my heart in a good way.

I appreciate any prayers that were said for me, I know they were heard. I’m praying for anyone, any precious girl out there who is dealing with the same thing but had bad results… my heart just goes out to you more than you know. There may not be any rest  in what the doctors tell you, but oh man… can God rock your heart!!! ❤

God bless you my lovelies!

– Ashley 🙂

PS: Relief can be beautiful, real beautiful.

My ultrasound results…

I’m not going to get too graphic and personal here, but I had a pelvic ultrasound not long ago because my periods haven’t been regular like they should. Needless to say… they found a cyst and some others things (which I can’t remember). The doctor said it didn’t show up with anything I needed to be worried about, but they’re going to make me get an MRI tomorrow to see what type of ‘cyst’ this is.

Apparently most cysts aren’t cancerous, so that’s what I’m praying for. When I went in this morning I had a bad feeling about my results, it’s almost as if God had foretold me about it or prepared me for it. I’m always thankful for prayers, ultimately though this is in God’s hands. I put off going to the doctor for this, so from my experience… I just want to raise awareness about going to a gyno after you’re the age of 20. I don’t care if you’re having sex or not, it doesn’t matter. You need to be checked to see if you’re healthy.

Like I had wrote on my Facebook status… I have never been SO scared… but yet still have peace. That is ALL God ladies and gentlemen. Even when I have tears fall down my cheek, I’m still praising God because He is still good.