My ultrasound results…

I’m not going to get too graphic and personal here, but I had a pelvic ultrasound not long ago because my periods haven’t been regular like they should. Needless to say… they found a cyst and some others things (which I can’t remember). The doctor said it didn’t show up with anything I needed to be worried about, but they’re going to make me get an MRI tomorrow to see what type of ‘cyst’ this is.

Apparently most cysts aren’t cancerous, so that’s what I’m praying for. When I went in this morning I had a bad feeling about my results, it’s almost as if God had foretold me about it or prepared me for it. I’m always thankful for prayers, ultimately though this is in God’s hands. I put off going to the doctor for this, so from my experience… I just want to raise awareness about going to a gyno after you’re the age of 20. I don’t care if you’re having sex or not, it doesn’t matter. You need to be checked to see if you’re healthy.

Like I had wrote on my Facebook status… I have never been SO scared… but yet still have peace. That is ALL God ladies and gentlemen. Even when I have tears fall down my cheek, I’m still praising God because He is still good.

I need your help in choosing a picture…

I’m entering the BH Cosmetics ‘Spring Look” contest and I’ve narrowed it down to two pictures. I need your help in deciding which one I should submit. Whatever is more popular with you, will be more popular with the people who are voting (I hope! lol). Thanks for voting!!!

Photo #1

Photo # 2

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The blood work is in.

For starters, I’m currently working on a makeup blog post about eyeliners… doesn’t sound too interesting… but it will be I promise you. I’m done writing it, I’m just correcting things here and there to make sure it’s up to my standards haha.

Any ways… my mom called my doctor today to check on my test results. Well… they got my blood work in… just not my ultrasound (which I’m praying it will come back good!). As for my blood, I have a thyroid problem + my cholesterol is a little high. I looked up thyroid conditions on WebMD and it said that if your thyroids are out of whack it will cause your cholesterol levels to go up. This happens to run in my family by the way… fun stuff!

I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday, so I’m just praying we can come up with a plan to fix this and make sure there’s nothing more harmful going on with my body. I know for sure they’re going to put me on medication though… but that’s good :)! Even though I don’t like having this problem, it could be worse. I’m so thankful to God!!! You have no idea! It explains so much as to why I’ve not had regular periods, my weight just keeps going up and when I’ve tried to lose it… it just doesn’t happen, my nails have been extremely brittle (splitting down the middle), dry skin, just so much stuff. I told my friend today that it sounds like I’m falling apart haha. Maybe I am in a sense, but I know Jesus will help me pick up the pieces.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can ever go through life and not have God. Jesus is a true Savior, He has not only saved my life… but my senses too lol. I was reading my Bible today in John and Jesus was talking about over coming the world. He overcame!  I can overcome this too… with Him:)! It’s all good and it’s in His precious hands. I win either way. I love you Lord!!!

411: Eyeliners!

This can be a scary topic for most girls because finding the perfect eyeliner isn’t easy and can be discouraging when you have an eyeliner meltdown! I’m going to show you the different types of eyeliners I use, how to use them, how much each product  costs, and where to get them. I hope this helps! Comment below if you have any questions or comments.

Probably the most commonly used eyeliner out there are eyeliner pencils. The problem that most girls have with these eyeliners is that they ‘melt’ or wear off. The heat from our body (face) melts the oils in the product and before you know it… raccoon eyes! Just like with any creamy makeup product, you need to set it with a powder. If you are using a black eyeliner, apply a black eye shadow on top to prevent meltage. Is that a word? It is now! Same thing goes for a brown eyeliner, apply a brown eye shadow on top of it. Your eyeliner will last longer and you won’t have to reapply it a bazillion times a day. My favorites right now are…

Urban Decay:24/7 Pencil Eyeliner

Price: $19.00

Where to buy? Urban Decay ; Ulta ; Sephora  ; E-bay

The price for this product isn’t exactly ‘budget friendly‘, but these are the most creamy and long lasting pencils I have ever used!  The great thing about Urban Decay is their color selection! I use their black liner in the color Zero. It’s a soft black, but if you’re looking for the blackest of black they have a new one in Perversion. Any time I buy UD products I make sure they’re on sale. Most of their smaller eye shadow palettes come with mini eyeliners… so HELLO freebie ;]!


Rimmel London: Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil

Price: $3.19

Where to buy? Ulta ; E-Bay ; any drugstore.

You can’t  beat the price for this eyeliner! I have the colors Jet Black and Sable Brown. Rimmel London has a very natural selection of colors besides a blue, green, and a purple shade. It applies smoother than most drugstore eyeliners I’ve used and the staying power is pretty awesome as well.

**TIP** If you are having problems getting your eyeliner to glide on, heat it with a hair dryer for 3-5 seconds. Using a lighter will also do the trick, just hold the tip of the pencil  close to the flame for 3-5 seconds. To make sure you don’t burn your eyelid, gently touch the tip of the pencil to see if the product is NOT melted. This will indicate it’s cool enough, yet warm enough to use (if that makes sense) I’d advise using the hair dryer though seeing as it’s safest. I don’t want anyone to burn their house down! lol

Gel eyeliner is by far my favorite because it is so easy to work with and it has the best staying power! It is great for trying to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner or ‘cat eye’ because the product  is so smooth. To get that precise line, I like using the Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush or the Sigma E65 Brush which is listed below.

Maybelline: Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Price: $9.99

Where to buy? Ulta ; E-Bay ; any drugstore.

This is hands down my favorite eyeliner of life, I have accidentally fallen asleep with this on and I wake up with it still being perfect. That my friends is TRUE staying power haha! Your waterline is the worst place for your eyeliner to wear off, so this is your best bet if you can’t always touch up your eyeliner through out the day. I have mine in Blackest Black. If you don’t have a brush, no worries… this comes with one!


Sonia Kashuk: Bent Eyeliner Brush

Price: $5.99

Where to buy?: Target ; Makeup Geek ; E-bay

Sigma: Small Angle E65 Brush

Price: $9.oo

Where to buy: Sigma Beauty ; E-bay


Liquid Eyeliner is probably the trickiest when it comes to applying it because it dries so fast. You need a steady hand, not only to create a clean precise look, but if you get it in your eyes… OUCH! I’ve had my whole eyeball turn black because I had an oopsie haha. It won’t kill you, I promise, it just stings horribly. I gotta warn a sister, right?! Most liquid liners that I have tried will crumble or is SO watery that the color doesn’t even apply. So far these are my favorites…

Urban Decay: 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner

Price: $19.00

Where to buy?  Urban Decay ; Ulta ; Sephora  ; E-bay

I’ve tried my fair share of liquid eyeliners and although I don’t care too much for the price, I’d say it is worth it if you’re wanting to invest in a good liquid eyeliner. I have mine in the color Perversion. As you can see it has a thin brush applicator which is good for making thin lines. This liner has a dark glossy finish to it, so if you’re into matte finishes, this may not be your love. The lasting power of this UD liquid eyeliner is not all day as it claims, but it does last the majority of the day!


Almay: Liquid Liner

Price: $6.99

Where to buy? Ulta ; E-Bay ; any drugstore.

Precise Black is a true deep dark black like the UD 24/7 liquid liner except this has a matte finish. This has a felt-tip applicator and can be a bit on the thick side if you don’t take your time with it. I personally like my eyeliner on the thicker side ;]. I’m a little iffy on the lasting power of this eyeliner, but it’s a cheaper alternative… plus it would be great for going over false eyelashes in covering the lash glue.

This last category probably doesn’t make any sense to you, but the biggest thing I’d like to emphasize is that makeup is not one dimensional. Eye shadow can be used as an alternative if you’re looking for a softer look. Some people don’t like the harshness that eyeliner usually gives, so if you’ve got an angled eye brush or whatever your favorite brush is… you’re set!

MAC: Single Eye Shadow in Carbon

Price: $15.00

Where to buy? MAC ; E-bay

This is obviously a tad expensive, but if it is going to substitute your eyeliner, it will be worth the money you paid for it. It would also be a great for going over pencil eyeliner as well. I only suggest this because it is such a popular true black eye shadow. MAC is known for their quality pigments.


Wet n Wild: Color Icon Palette in Greed

Price: $4.99

Where to buy?  E-Bay ; Drugstore Website ; any drugstore.

Any of the Wet N Wild palettes that have black in them are great, especially this palette because it has both a matte and shimmer black. Wet n Wild is one of the rare drugstore eye shadows that actually has good pigmentation. You just can’t beat the price.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and learned something. Every product listed besides the MAC Carbon eye shadow is all products that I have used… so every opinion I have about them is from my own personal experience.

Indifferent, is that the word?

Have you ever reached the end of a day and just wondered, “Where did it go?!”. I can’t tell if I’m okay or in a bad mood haha. I dread the nights here lately because that’s when my sickness, or whatever it is, kicks in. I feel that after a night’s so-called ‘sleep’ I haven’t even went to bed. I can open my eyes easily, it’s like they don’t even get tired anymore (not in a good way). I’m trying to develop a better sleep pattern and not stay up so late, maybe I’ve created insomnia for myself?! Who knows. For the past few months I’ve been trying to diagnose myself because I haven’t got any answers from anyone. The doctors tell me one thing and yet I’m not getting any better. When your health is down the drain, so is your happiness. How can you enjoy anything when you’re feeling bad?!

I’ve become anxious about every pain in my body and for awhile I would literally think every other second about dieing. It’s ridiculous. Boy does Satan make it tempting to put our situations in our own hands instead of Gods’. I’m trying to figure all of this out… going frantic I might add… and I’m not resting in His love. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. We can have joy my friends, we just choose not to. We can have PEACE, we just again… choose not to.

The medicine they have me on to cure the dizziness drugs me out, so even though it helps, it also hurts. I can’t tell if the benefits of the pill outweigh the causes. I don’t see how anyone can abuse substances and like the feeling of being ‘out of this world’. I HATE it. I just got my blood work done last week along with another test, so I guess we’ll see the results sometime next week. I’m praying everything comes back good, but it’s all in God’s will. If they do find something, well… I just hope it’s something that can be taken care of. Either way, I win with God. <— That’s what keeps me going.

Not to self and everyone else: Let’s stop getting so caught up in our flesh and our fleshy way of thinking and instead put Romans 12:2 into practice… “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will”.


^^ I think the title of this blog explains it all haha… CONFUSION! It has taken me what feels like a bajillion hours to create this blog. I had no idea what ‘Gravatar’ was and when it was showing me the profile for it, I was like “What?!… I thought I created a profile for WordPress!!! Where did my page go?!” lol. I freaked out for like 5 seconds. Ahem. Well can you blame me?! When you’re typing up things about yourself and uploading your pictures, that’s like hard work (I’m exaggerating, but that’s besides that point!). It really can be aggravating though. So yeah, before I ramble myself to death I’m going to hush and let this be the first of hopefully many blogs! Hope everyone is having a blessed night!