^^ I think the title of this blog explains it all haha… CONFUSION! It has taken me what feels like a bajillion hours to create this blog. I had no idea what ‘Gravatar’ was and when it was showing me the profile for it, I was like “What?!… I thought I created a profile for WordPress!!! Where did my page go?!” lol. I freaked out for like 5 seconds. Ahem. Well can you blame me?! When you’re typing up things about yourself and uploading your pictures, that’s like hard work (I’m exaggerating, but that’s besides that point!). It really can be aggravating though. So yeah, before I ramble myself to death I’m going to hush and let this be the first of hopefully many blogs! Hope everyone is having a blessed night!

3 thoughts on “o_O

  1. hmstrait says:

    lol! I was the same way, it took like 10 hours for me to make one πŸ˜€

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