Procrastination. Unicorns. Sparkly. Blankets. Tooth Pain. Birthdays.


This is not meant to be a serious blog, I know… I’m shocked too lol. I’m supposed to be looking at the VBS papers for this weekend since I’m helping lead at my church. And where are those papers you might ask? In my closet. Has the package even been opened? Nope, haha. Shame on me. I’ll at least glance at it tonight then study it tomorrow.

I feel like Spongebob when he had to write that paper for boating school about “What not to do at a stop light.” LOL is it sad I remembered this? An almost 24-year-old girl who can quote a Nickelodeon show. But yes, I keep bouncing back from Facebook, YouTube, the TV, and hey here I am now! In the midst of avoiding the unavoidable, I’ve been holding whiskey on my pooing ol’ tooth that needs to be pulled next week. Trust me, I’m not drinking the stuff… it’s disgusting.

Oh, oh, oh! My birthday is next Saturday, July 27th. And you guessed it, I’ll be 24. My husband has to work so I’ll be spending it with my parents. And…. and… I don’t know. I guess I need to get off.

Glitter, it’s everywhere!

In the war of you and glitter, glitter doesn’t have to win! One of my favorite quotes about glitter is from the MTV show My Life as Liz, “Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts, once you get it on you… it doesn’t come off!” Powder glitter seems like a good idea to most, but once it gets in your eyes you scream in regret as you try to scratch your eyeballs out. To add amusement to this blog, I decided to create a picture of what we think glitter is supposed to feel/look like… but the truth of glitter is usually in the second equation:

Mariah Carey can make glitter look fun, but that’s usually not the case haha. The point of this blog? I’m going to show you an easy fool proof way to wear glitter without it falling into your eyes.


NYX Candy Glitter Liner: Crystal

Price: $4.50

Where to buy? NYX ; Cherry Culture

There’s no need for glues or any type of adhesives to pull off a glitter look. I need to point out first and foremost that when you use a glitter eyeliner like this to dab over your eyeshadow, it needs to have a clear gel. So unlike the example picture shown to the left, it need not be pink… otherwise you will not get a clean application. The great thing about glitter liquid liners is that when they dry, they are set and will not come off (meaning it will not flicker into your eyes). The clear glitters in the NYX line: Crystal, Disco Ball, and Silver.

How to apply –  Depending how much glitter you actually want, 1-2 dips into the liner is typically enough. Apply the product to the back of your hand. Then, taking your ring finger dab the product just so it will not have such a wet consistency once you apply it to your eyes. Don’t play with it too much or it will dry on your hand and you will have to start over. Place the glitter wherever you desire, if you’re applying the glitter over an eyeshadow, be careful to just pat the product on your eyelid and not rub.

-NYX Candy Liner in the color Crystal-

-The brush applicator (Yes, my tassel fell off… but it was annoying any way)-

-Product swatched on the back of my hand (I love the colors in this glitter)-

-What it can look like :]-