Keeping your fire for God.


There’s only one thing you need in this world to keep your fire for God, it’s not a camp revival and it’s not the devotion that sits on your night stand.  The only thing you need is Jesus. A lot of us attain our worth from our works… what we’re doing to further the kingdom of God. Works are good, don’t get me wrong… I think more people need to step up and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ… but there’s something missing. Something we overlook. Once you’re saved, the only thing that God sees is perfection because He doesn’t see you and your works, He sees His Son. We forget that Jesus is the only one who gives us right standing before God, not us. Not by how often we attend church. Not by how often we pray. When we get solely focused on our works and our performance, self-righteousness and pride tend to creep in and instead of the glory going to God, it goes to… us.

If we don’t ask God to break us often and learn how by His grace to humble ourselves, then we’re going to become complacent Christians who constantly lose that “fire”. The youth from our church just got back from camp last week and they were so excited for God and they will be… for a few weeks, unfortunately. The only thing that kept going through my mind was the Bible study lessons my sister had taught to our college group, on the “Gospel Centered Life”. We don’t realize how often we shrink the cross that Jesus died on. We think we’re responsible for keeping that fire lit. Wrong. When we start trying to do things on our own, we will get burnt out . Especially when you’re doing really good at living for Jesus and then all of a sudden you sin. All encouragement goes out the window.

I have been there… we all have. It’s learning how to get over and through this process so we can actually grow in Him. This will be a concept learned that we’ll constantly forget about until Christ pounds it in our heads. I had to recently step down from my pride when I realized “I will sin for the rest of me life.” Why does that amaze me so much? Whom am I to compare myself to the only perfect person that ever lived, Jesus? I’m in need of His grace, every single day. If I was perfect, I wouldn’t need it. I should be able to rejoice in the mess that I am because it constantly points back to the Creator. I. Can’t. Do. It. On. My. Own. I love this quote by Joyce Meyer and I think it fits perfectly into this blog, “God knows the mess we’re in when He calls us. His light shines greater through “cracked pots” than it does through those who have it all together.” – Joyce Meyer. Embrace being broken.

When we learn to get the focus off ourselves and more on the Savior, the Lord will give us His desires and His cares. He will break our hearts for what breaks His. It’s so easy in this life to lose focus of the cross. I just want to make you realize but also encourage you that YES – You will sin for the rest of your life, you’re not perfect. NO – That does not give you the right to abuse God’s grace. What this should do is encourage you to seek God daily, ask Him to change your heart, not your sin. A lot of us think, “Well I did this when I accepted Jesus into my heart and asked Him to change me.” NO – There’s a process called sanctification, it means we’re constantly having the Holy Spirit move on our hearts, convict us, teach us, change us.

Learning about God and forgetting it later in life is something we’re prone to do. All we need to do is rest in His love. That means be alone with Jesus. Worship Him. Be comforted by His promises and trusting that if you’re going through a really crappy time in your life, He will deliver you and you will be given a new strength. It’s also resting in the fact that you have no control and that’s OKAY. You never had control to begin with, so learn to have peace with that. I’ve been loving listening to music here lately, especially a good worship song.

I challenge you to start off your day with going into your room, shutting the door, turning on a worship song and just praise Jesus. Right. There. The cries of our heart will always leave us face floor to the ground in awe of His mercy. I just need Jesus and so do you. I woke up this morning… not even sad, but I went to my room, turned on a song and just wept before my Savior. I realized the other day that “I’m doing well with God” and that scared me. Why? Because I know I’ll get complacent if He doesn’t break my heart and put it for His mission.

Things to live by (not in a particular order):
1 – Be humble, your goodness only comes from God.

2 – Realize you’re always going to sin, but knowing you’re always in need of His grace.

3 – Jesus + Nothing = everything. Not Jesus + Works.

4 – God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him. ENJOY Him, don’t see Him as a list you can check off.

5 – Ask God to change your heart, not your sin. The root of our sin is in our heart.

6 – Listen to a worship song every day, especially when you’re about to go off the edge of this life…

7 – Love others – It takes the focus off yourself and more on God’s mission. The greatest commandment is love.

8 – Be renewed: Read your Bible and put on the armor of God (This is still something I’m struggling with.)


Worship songs that I LOVE – I will link YouTube videos of them with the lyrics:

“You revive me” by Christy Nockels

“Lord I need you” by Chris Tomlin

“The Stand”  by Hillsong United

“Waiting Here for You” by Christy Nockels

“From the Inside Out” by Hillsong United

“Spirit Fall” by Chris Tomlin

“Lead Me to the Cross” by Hillsong United



How to get kissable lips!

Dry lips, we all get them, but what do we do about them? The most common reasons for getting dry lips are due to: colder weather, licking your lips, or maybe your skin is just naturally drying. Lip balms just don’t cut it on their own. The same concept applies to when we try to get a softer/smoother face – we need to exfoliate our skin. Putting a bunch of moisturizer on a pile of dead skin won’t do anything – we have to get rid of it.

Lip scrubs can be rather pricey and can contain some extra ingredients you don’t need. So why not go for a DO-IT-YOURSELF all natural method at home? I have timed myself doing this and it only takes about 30 seconds from start to finish: scrubbing, rinsing, and applying lip balm.

Sugar is a natural exfoliant that we tend to overlook because we assume it will be a gooey mess that will just melt in water. WRONG! Sugar will keep its natural texture in liquids and oils if the right amount is added.


I’m not good at measuring, so here’s the amount of sugar I use. Remember, you don’t need much – your lips are a small feature. A pinch of sugar in a small spoon should do the trick!


Step 1: Dab warm water on your lips with your index finger

Step 2: With the same finger touch the sugar and start rubbing your lips in gentle circular motions for about 15 seconds

Step 3:  Rinse until sugar is completely off

Step 4: Moisturize your lips with your favorite lip balm


The end result is amazing, my lips look so much more supple!


I clearly made a mess with my cap, but use any lip balm you own to keep your lips moisturized after scrubbing them. In this picture I used Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss.

If you want to be fancy you could add a drop of honey to your scrub, it smells amazing! Your lips will taste amazing too, so eat if desired! Haha :].

MAC dupe for Myth lipstick

I have to laugh at this definition because when people think of a dupe product, they assume it’s a product’s twin sister (both look the same but have different names). Well, mine is just is a ‘sister’ or ‘first cousin’ haha – bottom line, the products have similarities… so that’s dupe enough for me.



(Similarities: They are opaque, meaning they have good coverage and you can’t see your natural lip color (skin). The color payoff is amazing, esp. for girls with really pigmented lips. They’re creamy, not drying.)


(Difference: Myth is a tad lighter while Pink Suga has more of a peach tone.)


MAC lipstick in Myth

Price: $14.50

Where to buy? MAC Store ; Macy’s 

This is my favorite nude lipstick in the entire world, nude lipsticks are all I wear because my lips are so pigmented (which you’ll see in my next blog… on lip scrubs). A tube of this will last you a long time since you don’t need much product to get that perfect nude lip. Mine has lasted me a year, but I recently purchased a new one for my birthday.


Wet n Wild lipstick in Pink Suga

Price: $2.99

Where to buy? Any drugstore

I love the name for this lipstick! Doesn’t it make you want to sing “Suga suga how you get so fly” by Baby Bash? Man that’s old school! Besides the cool name, do you see the price for this?! If you can’t afford MAC or hate the thought of spending $14.50 on a lipstick, this is a must have nude lipstick. It’s hard to find a nude lipstick opaque enough to actually give my lips coverage, esp. at a drugstore. I love drugstore makeup, but that’s one area they had been lacking. I’ve tried all of the nude Revlon lipsticks and I wasn’t that impressed, plus they’re around $6-$7 and are extremely drying.

Glitter, it’s everywhere!

In the war of you and glitter, glitter doesn’t have to win! One of my favorite quotes about glitter is from the MTV show My Life as Liz, “Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts, once you get it on you… it doesn’t come off!” Powder glitter seems like a good idea to most, but once it gets in your eyes you scream in regret as you try to scratch your eyeballs out. To add amusement to this blog, I decided to create a picture of what we think glitter is supposed to feel/look like… but the truth of glitter is usually in the second equation:

Mariah Carey can make glitter look fun, but that’s usually not the case haha. The point of this blog? I’m going to show you an easy fool proof way to wear glitter without it falling into your eyes.


NYX Candy Glitter Liner: Crystal

Price: $4.50

Where to buy? NYX ; Cherry Culture

There’s no need for glues or any type of adhesives to pull off a glitter look. I need to point out first and foremost that when you use a glitter eyeliner like this to dab over your eyeshadow, it needs to have a clear gel. So unlike the example picture shown to the left, it need not be pink… otherwise you will not get a clean application. The great thing about glitter liquid liners is that when they dry, they are set and will not come off (meaning it will not flicker into your eyes). The clear glitters in the NYX line: Crystal, Disco Ball, and Silver.

How to apply –  Depending how much glitter you actually want, 1-2 dips into the liner is typically enough. Apply the product to the back of your hand. Then, taking your ring finger dab the product just so it will not have such a wet consistency once you apply it to your eyes. Don’t play with it too much or it will dry on your hand and you will have to start over. Place the glitter wherever you desire, if you’re applying the glitter over an eyeshadow, be careful to just pat the product on your eyelid and not rub.

-NYX Candy Liner in the color Crystal-

-The brush applicator (Yes, my tassel fell off… but it was annoying any way)-

-Product swatched on the back of my hand (I love the colors in this glitter)-

-What it can look like :]-

DIY Versatile Eye Makeup Remover

Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

Price: $6.99

Where to buy? Ulta ; drugstores

The Organix coconut serum is great for repairing dry hair and making it smell amazing, however I found another use for it – makeup remover! A lot of girls like to use olive oil as an alternative to makeup remover and seeing as this is an oil… it works just as good and it doesn’t smell bad! I don’t have any proven results, but if this is supposed to be good for our hair, won’t it be great for conditioning our eyelashes?

I love how my makeup comes off so effortlessly with this! A little goes a long way and if you’re wondering… no, this doesn’t burn your eyes.


– An old makeup remover bottle or travel size bottle less than 6oz.

– Organix Serum

– Bottled or purified water


No matter what the size of your bottle is, pump the Organix serum until it’s 1/4 full. Fill the rest of your bottle with water. The end result might look cloudy, but the oil and water will eventually separate from each other. Like with any makeup remover, always shake up the bottle WELL for at least 5 seconds before use. 

This is my little bottle after being shaken up :]!

Correct before you conceal!

I have always struggled with under-eye circles, even from an early age because in my case, it’s hereditary. My mom has them and my grandma had them. There are creams out there that claim to erase those dark circles, but they are expensive and the cheaper creams that I have tried do not do anything. Looking good doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money, it’s being resourceful and having the knowledge to fix your beauty dilemmas.

I didn’t know there was a difference between correctors and concealers till just recently and it has been life-changing to the way I do my makeup now. Concealers are aimed at hiding any blemishes, discoloration (sun spots, hyper-pigmentation, etc.), acne, and to brighten up the underneath of your eyes… but what about dark circles? Concealers aren’t enough, they will typically make your under eyes look washed out or gray and that ain’t pretty!

If you have slight and I mean slight discoloration, concealer will usually be enough on its own to hide anything you’re trying to conceal. But what about the girls like me who have blue, green, or purple under-eye circles? Or what about the girls who suffer from red under-eye circles? We need to correct these nuisance colors before we can conceal and brighten up our eyes! Here are some pictures to demonstrate what cream colored products you will need if your under eye circles fall under these categories:







I’m going to focus on the more common type of under circle and that’s the range that I fall into, blue-green. If you shop at any drugstore you’ll easily find the green and yellow correctors. But what about the salmon, peach, or orange colored ones? Bobbi Brown and Eve Pearl  are two expensive makeup lines that make fabulous correcters, but they are priced at $22.00 to $32.00. YIKES!

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil: Almond

Price: $4.49

Where to buy? NYX ; Ulta

I have a less expensive alternative and guess what? It’s not labeled as a correcter, it’s a NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil! Yeah ladies, that’s right! The color Almond is the perfect peach that color corrects, so say good bye to your under-eye circles .

How to use – After putting on your foundation, apply the pencil gently and directly underneath your eye. Wherever there’s discoloration, apply that pencil girl! Take your ring finger (since it has the least amount of pressure) and pat the product until it is blended out. Never rub your corrector or concealer because you want the product to be concentrated in that area, thus having more coverage. That’s what we’re after right? After applying the pencil, use your favorite concealer. I recommend using a concealer slightly lighter than your foundation because you want  the underneath of your eyes to be bright. How do you think Kim Kardashian gets that amazing glow and lifted cheek bone effect?

As always, I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below and follow!

Ways to save and sample!

This blog is going to be short and sweet, because hey… we all like it when people get to the point, right?


Click here for her blog

Some women or men dedicate their lives to helping people save money and this lady is faithful in updating her blog on free samples, money-saving coupons, etc. I’m typically after all of the beauty items, but if something is free… hey! I guess I’ll request some random cat food for my cats LOL! I’m sure there are other blogs out there similar to this, but this is what I found. Your best bet is checking these type of blogs early in the day, most giveaways are only for a specific amount of the first few people to enter. For example “The first 100,000“.



Like pages!!! This is your gateway into entering contests, getting free samples, and sometimes getting coupons. Sites that are known for having a lot of contests are: BH Cosmetics, Baghaus, Urban Decay, Target, and Smashbox.



Okay, here’s why I like to shop online:

  1. Free samples
  2. Codes for EXTRA free samples (Ulta and Sephora are absolute dolls for having this)
  3. is a great website for getting those extra codes the sites don’t tell you about :)! Do your research and it will pay off!
This is the harder one to do because you’re most likely going to a face a lady behind a counter who thinks she knows it all about makeup and won’t stop hovering your shoulder until you buy something. However, if you’re wanting to try out free samples of foundation, perfume, eyeshadow, primer, etc. they will usually give you a little pot of it to try out. They shouldn’t give you an attitude, but if they do, make sure you point out that you’re not going to pay $50 for a product you have no idea about. If they want to make a profit, they’re going to give you that sample.


Hautelook – You need to fill out a simple registration (name, e-mail, etc.) so you can be ‘special’ to view their deals. They have some really awesome events, last week they just had one on Urban Decay products… so keep your eye on the brands they’re discounting.

BeFlurt – They have everything from Nars, Mac, and NYX products that go on sale. I’ve seen MAC shadows that were originally $15.00 drop down to $11.00, it’s not that big of a difference… BUT hey, it adds up! You can justify yourself on spending a lot on a single eyeshadow haha.



Spending a ton of money on makeup makes me cringe, I almost cried when I spent $25 on a Lorac blush. I splurged though since it was my birthday :).

Make sure you always look at the sale or clearance section, it’s the best way to try out makeup. Urban Decay is the best for their clearance section by far. I spent $29 on the Book of Shadows IV when it was originally $64.



If you have a smart phone and an app. market, you’ll most likely find the Coupon App. This is a great little go-to when you’re looking for the cheapest gas prices in your area, links to free samples, birthday freebies, and store sales (ex. Bath and Body Works).

To find out more about it:



Ulta and Sephora are the best places to shop for makeup because you can accumulate points and get freebies.

Sephora goes by a points system, so when you spend $1 at Sephora that equals one point. Get 100 points and you can get a deluxe sample of a high-end product. The rewards prizes are always changing, so if you don’t like what they’re giving away that month, just save your points. They also have 300 points and 500 points rewards as well (they’re obviously the nicer bigger better items).

Don’t forget to stop by your local Sephora or shop online for your birthday, they’ll give you a free gift.

Ulta’s points perks is something I’m trying to figure out, but they’re good for sending coupons if you’re a regular shopper. Also, I just received their magazine (which is free) today in the mail and since I spent X amount of money there, I qualify for a certain level of rewards. I got level 3, so I can pick from the Ulta products… I’m going for their gel liner :)!

I suggest buying from Ulta over a drugstore because not only do you reap the reward perks, you  can also catch amazing buy 1 get one 1/2 off deals or buy 2 get 1 free. Plus they have a larger selection of makeup (drugstore and high-end). You get the best of both worlds.

I hope you guys found this blog useful and that it saves you some money. Good luck with the samples! Comment, subscribe, or share :)!