Fasting for thought.

I’m not the typical fasting Christian, I guess I haven’t practiced making it a huge part of my life… but the times I do incorporate it, it’s amazing what God shows me. Most people think of fasting as in food, but it can be from anything that you’re attached to and it consumes your time. I’m taking a few days break from Facebook and let me tell you… It’s been peaceful lol! I’ve got so much accomplished since I’m not wasting all my time with idle phone surfing. I finished reading a book my sister bought me, organized all the drawers in our bed room & game room, cleaned my makeup vanity including the brushes, and I even washed, waxed, and windexed the car today lol!!

Besides getting everything cleaned up, I’ve cleaned up my thinking. The Bible tells us to be still and know He is God, yet how many of us just sit in the quiet of our bedrooms or the tranquility of being outside? I’m sitting on my back porch as I write this with the wind blowing through my hair. Fresh sweet air! Oh how we take the sweet blessings in life God has given us for granted.

Social media constantly encourages us to share our hate for people either through Facebook statuses or pinning pictures on Pinterest about how some girl is a whore. So much negativity. So many temptations to grow numb to the fact that those people we talk about are God’s creation. I will admit, most people are no walk in the park but if we humbles ourselves we’d realize we aren’t either.

If something is causing negativity in your life, distant yourselves and realize you haven’t taken full blame for things in your heart.


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