Christians who can’t be bothered.

There are seasons for everything and apparently in this season of my life, I’m not meant to have any actual friends. I won’t mention any names here, but I just had a girl who I tried to disciple and be friends with, delete me recently. I was like “Wha…?” I didn’t do anything and besides being confused, I was a bit p’d off. People have seriously taught me one important lesson and that’s that they come and go. Being now 24-years-old and married, friends are hard to come by these days. My interaction with people is rare unless someone new comes to church. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a quantity of friends, just quality ones, but right now I have 0 friends I hang out with. The few people I actually get along with live out-of-state, so it’s not like I  can hang out with them. I do my fair share of asking people “Want to go do this?!” and that’s when I start getting excuses or flat-out ignored.

I’m just wondering when did Christians or supposed ‘Christians’ start closing themselves off and decided their ‘comfort zone’ was their best place to stay? What makes me mad is people who find a group of friends they grow comfortable with and then ignore the world around them. I’ve seen this in churches and it’s not cute and definitely not Christ-like. Churches are either divided or they don’t make contact with the other members. If I sound cynical, it’s because I am. I realize I need to get off my high-horse because I have sin too… but if we’re doing something that completely negates the Gospel, like not practicing discipleship… what are we doing with our Christian lives?!

Complacency is not something that the Lord honors. You can pat yourself on the back all day long about how much you’ve grown in the Lord, but if you’re not actually passing that onto other people and LOVING them… then you might be that noisy gong the Bible speaks of in 1 Corinthians 13:1 “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” (NIV)

Like I was telling my sister tonight, some people’s sin annoys me. The church should be about unity, breaking bread. I could easily blame the world and say “Oh technology makes things less personal and people are more closed-off because of it…” But sin takes a deeper root, it’s in the hearts. Technology is just a distraction or wall built up to be passive about our sin. Seriously, when is the last time you looked at your heart? Or are you too busy checking Facebook to know?


3 thoughts on “Christians who can’t be bothered.

  1. Carmelita says:

    I sadly learn that people have seasons in your life as well the hard way. I have people in my life that plan to do things then they bail out the day before or during the event oh yes. I have been left in a mall, a parking lot, a Christmas play, movies, Red Robin ect. as a christian women i try to give theses seasonal friends more chances but I learned that they wont change. This new year i want to start fresh, so i gave two seasonal friends one last chance and of course I was once again disappointed. I agree with what you have wrote because friendships just isnt what it use to be. I know that we are getting older, and things change in our lives but having a friend is still important.

    • makeup3130 says:

      It’s sad that people have treated you that way Carmen, I’ve had people cancel on me last minute with things being at my house and I thought that was bad. Sad thing is, you really can’t rely on anyone – even if they’re Christian. You and me should actually hang out sometime, I know I keep saying that but once in awhile it’d be good to catch up and have fellowship. Me and Eric have tried hanging out with this couple we met at a wedding and we’ve seen them twice in like 2 months and it’s already overwhelming me lol. I feel like where I’ve been so alone, I’ve got use to that and still need ‘space’. So I understand where people are coming from when avoiding social interaction.

      • Carmelita says:

        We need to have lunch or something for sure. Thanks for replying back, sometimes i wonder if anyone is listening. Recently I have been beating myself up a christen guy asked me out and i like him but i told him, i need to focus on my education. I discovered that i`m choosing to be alone ;( or maybe i deserved it. Idk?

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