No greater love!

You know how when you have something new, you start noticing  it every where?! It’s amazing how little we pay attention to things unless they’re new to our lives. The same thing happened to me when I accepted Christ as my Savior 6 years ago. I thought to myself, “Why did I never think about God before?” It’s amazing how we never ponder on those thoughts and it might be for a reason… God Himself pressing on our hearts at his choosing (after all the Bible talks about election). Those who are saved are the elect of God, even though when we can easily look around at one another and think… “He chose us?! God probably could have done better!” But you know what, He has his reasons. We’re a fallen people and God in His grace chooses to love us any way. How amazing is God’s love?! Forreal.

It’s unlike any other. Imagine yourself treating someone like complete crap, barely talking to this person and when you do it’s only because you want something or you just need to complain. And let’s not forget to add that you’re never appreciative for anything good they’ve done for you. Yet… get this ladies and gentlemen… they still love you!!! They extend grace and forgiveness to you. God is our father, our parent, and like any good parent He’s going to discipline His children and STILL love them when they screw up. Why? Because He knows what we’re capable of. He knew all of the crap we would do in the future YET still He asks us into a relationship with Him. A love like that can only come from God. If you need to be renewed on this fact as a Christian… well there you have it. You can’t add to God’s love and you can’t take away from it either.

It is SO easy to get legalistic in our walks with Jesus and try to make up for our sin by our guilt or by spending an extra 10 minutes in our Bibles. Ephesians 2:8 says, ” For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God” (ESV). When you have Christ in your heart you have been SAVED. Meaning… it’s a done deal! Meaning, you can’t add to that. If you’re already saved how much more can you add to that? Nothing. You can’t. When you try to… it’s like saying God didn’t do enough when Jesus died on the cross. It’s been taken care of. I seriously can’t get this Bible verse out of my head (Eph. 2:8). Read that over and over! John Piper says, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” When we live for God because we love Him… our attitudes about reading our Bibles change. Our hearts will want to do good. It opens the door for the Holy Spirit to consume you completely – thoughts, actions, spoken words.

His love alone is all you need. It’s compelling. It’s life changing. It’s soul saving. It’s a relationship. It’s a peace you won’t get from anywhere else. It’s a purpose far beyond yourself.


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