Hard Candy Fox in a Box (blush): Smooth Talker


Hard Candy Fox in a Box (blush): Smooth Talker

Price: $6.00

Where to buy? Walmart ; Amazon

Isn’t the packaging for this blush chic and kind of sexy? It is designed to look like lace… ooo la la! Haha :]! If you’re familiar with Benefit cosmetics, you will notice that the packaging for their blushes are very similar. The only difference is that Hard Candy is 1/5 the price.  I love how rich the formula is for this blush, it is very silky feeling and applies very beautifully and easily to the skin. This is one of those blushes that will look good on all skin types, so whether you’re really fair or dark, this blush will look amazing on you! I might add though that if you have darker skin, this might show up as more of a highlight.

[Haha… pardon the mess this was neat once upon a time!]

[For application: I use the Sonia Kashuk blush brush or the Sigma F40 Large Angeled Contour brush]

Tips for this product: Ditch the brush that comes with it, it’s not very good quality. When you first open the packaging, the lid will not close all of the way, but that’s an easy fix. All you have to do is lay the product face down in a drawer or on your dresser for a few good hours and wa-la! Problem solved.

I love this because….

  • You get a good amount of product: 5.7g
  • It’s only $6.00
  • Easy to use
  • Silky texture
  • Buildable, meaning you can add more applications to deepen the color
  • In the same way you can build color, you can also sheer this out for a softer look
  • Has a matte but warm glow finish (you could skip using a highlighter if you wanted to)
  • Can be used as an everyday blush
  • Very natural peach that has a neutral bronze-tone to it because of the one brown color that’s added in

(Without flash)


(With Flash)

2 thoughts on “Hard Candy Fox in a Box (blush): Smooth Talker

  1. nickisexton says:

    ooo girl, lol work that blush ;).
    You did an awesome job on this blog!
    Any advice for new concealers? I like the hard candy but its small for $6 and I want smthg peachy like that but is bigger so it lasts longer. Also foundation?! Lol

    • makeup3130 says:

      lol The Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Concealer in light is good, it has pink undertones to fix the blue/purple tones:). It dries quick so you can’t let it sit on your skin too long.

      I like the new Revlon Photo Ready Whipped Foundation in the glass jar. I get mine in the color nude, so that would be your color too since we be seesters :D. Plus you only need your fingers, working it with a brush doesn’t work as good. I’m also using a different powder that actually helps control the oil on my face, the Covergirl blue compact for oiliness is good. You can either get the translucent or I get buff beige (I think LOL).

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