Update and Pictures.

So instead of writing about one particular subject, I’m going to list off things I’ve been going through lately and stuff that has been on my mind…. So here’s an update!

What’s up?:

  • Facebook is nothing but a website for liking pictures these days, no real communication. OH and apparently scrolling past a picture and not liking it means you will either: go to hell, kill your grandma, or hate that one kid who only has 1 eye.

  • I’ve been noticing a lot of people my age drinking… a lot, to where it seems like someone should admit them into AA.  – What is the big deal about alcohol any ways? o_o

  • Florida is miserably hot, I can’t wait for summer to be over! I don’t need to wear highlighters for my makeup, I’ll have a natural glisten 2 seconds after walking out the door ahahahaha. Note to self – Buy a makeup setting spray.

  • Bipolar fits of anger and depression = my period started this week lol – Praise God because my thyroid condition = no periods. It’s weird for a woman to like getting that ‘gift’ but it’s good news to me that my medicine is working.

  • Convictions, convictions, convictions…. sanctification, redemption, His grace!

  • My sister is leaving in only a few days for missions school, ugh, the reality of it hasn’t hit me yet (Left: Me ; Right: Nicki my sister).

  • My cat Bruce a.k.a. Batman died this week of a heart attack :[. I’m still struggling with him being gone since it happened so quick. He was only 3 years old :/. Bruce was mainly Eric’s boy… so he’s been taking it hard too. If it wasn’t for Eric’s comfort through this and God’s… ugh, I’d be a mess.

  • I love Pinterest and the humor section, the pictures they post never fail to crack me up. Especially this one, I laughed forever… lol And yeah, I know it’s not ‘nice’. I’ve had people in my family with this condition, so I know it’s a hard thing to go through… but we all need sense of humors :]!
  • My phone went off during women’s Bible study this past week, so while we were in the sanctuary watching a Beth Moore video… the Paul Blart Mall Cop ringtone “Bubblegum” started going off. I wanted to crawl in a hole of embarrassment lol. Eric forgot I was at church while he called me on his break… gotta love dumb ringtones.


3 thoughts on “Update and Pictures.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sorry about your cat 😦 . I agree about facebook i have 200 friends and i dont talk with Half of them. But in some cases it is very useful. My friend constantly tell me that i’m luckly i dont have the taste for alcohol?? I have never been drinking crazy or anything like that. My friend is 23 and she has a drinking problem and she knows it. I pray that she get help one day for her condtion.

    • makeup3130 says:

      Thank you:)!! And I know what you mean, I’ve seen alcoholism destroy so many relationships and lives. It’s not worth it in my opinion if you can have a good time’ but at the end of the day have no one who truly cares for you. When people drink a lot they usually have their drinking buddies with them, it’s like the blind leading the blind. It’s a surface level ‘friendship’ supporting a temporary happiness.

      • Jennifer says:

        I told her that its a temporary feeling. Thats why she drinks so much she wants to feel that way again and again to hide from whatever pain shes in. She moved away for college and when i visited her there was many drinking/smoking buddies around. I pray for her and she admitted that she has a.problem so she knows when shes ready to get help i’m here for support.

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