MAC dupe for Myth lipstick

I have to laugh at this definition because when people think of a dupe product, they assume it’s a product’s twin sister (both look the same but have different names). Well, mine is just is a ‘sister’ or ‘first cousin’ haha – bottom line, the products have similarities… so that’s dupe enough for me.



(Similarities: They are opaque, meaning they have good coverage and you can’t see your natural lip color (skin). The color payoff is amazing, esp. for girls with really pigmented lips. They’re creamy, not drying.)


(Difference: Myth is a tad lighter while Pink Suga has more of a peach tone.)


MAC lipstick in Myth

Price: $14.50

Where to buy? MAC Store ; Macy’s 

This is my favorite nude lipstick in the entire world, nude lipsticks are all I wear because my lips are so pigmented (which you’ll see in my next blog… on lip scrubs). A tube of this will last you a long time since you don’t need much product to get that perfect nude lip. Mine has lasted me a year, but I recently purchased a new one for my birthday.


Wet n Wild lipstick in Pink Suga

Price: $2.99

Where to buy? Any drugstore

I love the name for this lipstick! Doesn’t it make you want to sing “Suga suga how you get so fly” by Baby Bash? Man that’s old school! Besides the cool name, do you see the price for this?! If you can’t afford MAC or hate the thought of spending $14.50 on a lipstick, this is a must have nude lipstick. It’s hard to find a nude lipstick opaque enough to actually give my lips coverage, esp. at a drugstore. I love drugstore makeup, but that’s one area they had been lacking. I’ve tried all of the nude Revlon lipsticks and I wasn’t that impressed, plus they’re around $6-$7 and are extremely drying.


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