My ultrasound results…

I’m not going to get too graphic and personal here, but I had a pelvic ultrasound not long ago because my periods haven’t been regular like they should. Needless to say… they found a cyst and some others things (which I can’t remember). The doctor said it didn’t show up with anything I needed to be worried about, but they’re going to make me get an MRI tomorrow to see what type of ‘cyst’ this is.

Apparently most cysts aren’t cancerous, so that’s what I’m praying for. When I went in this morning I had a bad feeling about my results, it’s almost as if God had foretold me about it or prepared me for it. I’m always thankful for prayers, ultimately though this is in God’s hands. I put off going to the doctor for this, so from my experience… I just want to raise awareness about going to a gyno after you’re the age of 20. I don’t care if you’re having sex or not, it doesn’t matter. You need to be checked to see if you’re healthy.

Like I had wrote on my Facebook status… I have never been SO scared… but yet still have peace. That is ALL God ladies and gentlemen. Even when I have tears fall down my cheek, I’m still praising God because He is still good.


3 thoughts on “My ultrasound results…

  1. hmstrait says:

    Ill pray for u but keep Ur head up, there are a few girls at work that have cysts, they are fairly common and 90% of the time wont effect your normal life. Lets hope its that kind

  2. Donna Tate says:

    Ashley, thank you for posting this. I have heard of alot of people that have cysts that turn out to be just that, cysts, and nothing more. The Lord has a plan for you, and I know His will, will be done.


  3. wendy says:

    Ashley I will say a prayer or two , but try not to get worked up till you know. I do know how you are feeling , I had a hormone problem and they thought i might have had a tumor, kinda scary and no fun with all the test and doctors. But It turned out fine. But no matter what you have the Lord to watch over you and a supportive family so what ever life brings You will be fine! Love ya

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